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Life Stage Planning

Merrill Edge Web Site


This massive project was about 1/4 of the Merrill Edge sales site to make this knowledgeable section full of information. The hardest part was creating the animations, web pages, and finding the photos for each section header and making them all expand past the fold of the browser. The Life Stage Planning visuals where done in 3 weeks to get these online as soon as we could.


We created a great visual site, with the photo speaking as loud as the words on the page. I am very happy with the result of the pages, even with the work that needed to be done. Some nights are hard, but when I get into the grove of designing, there is nothing better than the feeling of getting the job done.


The Life Stage Planning section is used by thousands of people giving them information that is needed with the events that happen in their lives. The section's content is changing with the times, but the design is still an active part of the message. I am very proud of all the work that I have done to help people with their lives.